Kylie Cosmetics; Freedom and Metallics.

Kylie Jenner lip kit review

At the end of my last Kylie Cosmetics post I mentioned I had recently bought more. I actually bought them a while ago but I’ve only just got round to writing a post about them, whoops.

For 4th of July, Kylie bought out two limited edition colours. Freedom and Skylie. I found it quite bizarre really as I literally said to myself a week or so before that I really wanted a deep blue lipstick, I hope Kylie brings one out. Now here we are. With a dark blue lipstick and a bright baby blue lipstick. It was a non brainer for me, as I said, I was previously on the lookout for a navy lipstick and I also get impulses to buy anything that has “Limited Edition” written on it. I like to be 1 of a few to have something in my possession.

Kylie Jenner lip kit review

So I managed to get my hands on Freedom and a week or so later it was finally in my possession. It’s safe to say I’m in love with it. Both, the lipliner and the liquid lipstick are extremely pigmented and so rich in colour. The lipstick is apart of her new formula, which I can’t really spot much difference in, apart from the consistency of it which is a little bit thicker. I haven’t worn this colour out much yet so I haven’t had much of a reaction, however it is still summer. As soon as it gets a little darker and colder it will be time to bring this colour out.

Around the same time I bought Freedom I finally got my hands on the metallics. I knew that these would be everywhere this summer/autumn. Whether it’s from this brand or other known cosmetic brands, I knew I had to try the new trend.

Kylie Jenner Lip kit review


I’ll openly admit they weren’t as great as I thought they would be. The consistency of the lipsticks were quite thin, which meant I had to put on quite a few coats to get an even coverage. I also found them easier to apply when I used a lip liner that was as close to the colours as possible. When you get it right, they look insanely good. I feel like I’ll wear them a lot around Christmas time. They’re less drying then the matte colours. They feel really weightless when applied and make my lips feel nice and hydrated while wearing them.
Overall I’m really happy with these purchases, even if I hadn’t got as much use out of them as I’d like too. Yet anyway.
Lots of love,
Chlobo xo


Kylie Jenner lip kit review


Kylie Jenner lip kit review


Kylie Jenner lip kit review


Kylie Jenner lip kit review




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