Review; Makeup Revolution – Blush, Bronze and Brighten.

Makeup Revolution Review
Contouring is still very much apart of everyones makeup routine. I rely on it heavily as I have a very round face so I love adding a bit of definition to it, otherwise I just look like a potato.
If you are someone who’s always on the go then this product is a must have. As the name ‘Blush Bronze & Brighten’ suggests it includes a good sized blusher,bronzer and highlight. This all comes in a compact little palette with a decent sized mirror in tact too.
I love that three of my most staple makeup pieces are all housed together, it makes for an easy application and perfect for them days when you’re travelling about a lot. The packaging is super lightweight and about the length of my hand. (Which is pretty small). The housing of this packaging makes it look so much more expensive then it’s worth. Which is £4 by the way…
Makeup Revolution Review


Makeup Revolution review
The bronzer isn’t as dark as I normally go however if you’re just popping out and want light natural looking makeup this will give you the perfect natural looking finish. It’s also got very warm/orange undertones so bare that in mind.
The highlighter has champagne pinky tones too it and also has a fair bit of shimmer. It’s very buildable and I think it’d look great for any makeup look you’re trying out.
The blusher is much more pigmented then I expected. A very coral/pink that would leave the perfect flush of colour on your cheeks.
Makeup Revolution Review


All of these powders are so pigmented and really creamy. They blend really well and do stay on for most of the day. I honestly didn’t expect to love this palette as much as I do, so I highly recommend it to anyone.
Chlo x


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Great review! I loooove the blush the coral colour is so pretty can't believe it's only £4! Xx


  2. Thank you! & Neither could I, their products are so good for the price they are! xx


  3. Louise Hunt says:

    I want this now! It looks so nice! I do love an ashy brown to contour and so I think this palette would be good for me to bronze and highlight with rather than contour! Xx


  4. You should definitely give it a shot, it's only £4 so it won't break the bank either! xx


  5. Sofia says:

    Great review! Might actually give it a try! xx

    Sofia |


  6. Thank you, and yeah you definitely should 🙂 Xx


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