Lets talk about Lip Fillers…

For as long as I can remember I have hated my lips. Alongside my weight it’s always been my biggest insecurity, and anyone that has known me for long enough knows that. I’ve always found them very flat, thin and a little bit wonky. So as soon as I turned 18 I started looking into practitioners I could go to. I didn’t want to rush into this decision as I really didn’t want them to turn out looking horrific, obviously. I felt like I had a lot to prove to people, everyone has this idea that when you get your lips done you’ll look like Pete burns and they’ll look completely over the top. I wanted my family to know that I can get lip fillers without looking ‘fake’.

After searching around for a while I finally came across ‘Flawless Cosmetics’ on Instagram. I think I knew straight away that these were the girls I wanted to go to. I clicked the follow button and I would constantly be checking their feed to see new before & after photos. It took me a while to actually go through and book an appointment, I kept backing out. It wasn’t until April this year I finally messaged them and got an appointment booked. Holly and I were messaging back and forth for a while and she explained everything to me in detail, which was so reassuring as I had no idea what I was getting myself into. After speaking to Holly about the whole experience and procedure of it we finally got me booked in for July 19th.

On the day, I surprisingly felt completely fine. I was more excited than anything. It was Stacey who was going to do the procedure, and can I just say she was so lovely. While she was applying the numbing cream I was reading through the after care sheet and signing consent forms. By the time I had done that, the numbing cream had worked it’s magic and I was ready to go.

The first thing people ask you when they know you’ve had them done is “Does it hurt?”. Now I’m not going to lie, I do have a ridiculously high pain threshold, so I actually enjoy the feeling of getting piercings and tattoos. Knowing this, I was quite excited to see how I’d hold up with having lots of little injections in my lips. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, I had numbing cream applied before hand which basically numbed the whole sensation of it. The only time I felt anything was when the needle first broke into the lip, and even then I only really felt it on the lip line of my top lip. Everywhere else was pretty much pain free. Afterwards I had a bit of swelling but not much really, I mainly bruised which was the most obvious thing, but it soon went away after a few days.

Would I get it done again? Without a doubt. I 100% will get them done again, if I had the money, I’d get them done right away, I want to go a little bigger next time. I haven’t really had any criticism about them either. My family love them, even my granddad noticed and said he really likes them.

I feel like there is such a stigma around lip fillers right now because of a certain Jenner having hers done. I think she has influenced a certain amount of people to get them done but it was never about that for me. Just like her, I had an insecurity and I fixed it. I don’t view it any differently than people going to the gym to loose weight, except I’m getting something put in my body, not taken out. As long as you’re 100% sure you want them for the right reasons, not to just look like a reality tv star, and you’re happy with the results then why should it matter what others think?

Here’s a little before and after picture. Not the biggest difference, but I can now smile without my top lip disappearing, which was my biggest issue! 

Lip Filler Flawless Cosmetics
(First ever photo I’ve taken with my teeth showing, my top lip used to disappear completely).
If there’s anything you want to know that I haven’t covered feel free to ask in the comments.
Lots of love,
Chlo x


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  1. Wow your lips look so good and totally natural! I agree, I think if someone wants to change something about their appearance to make themselves happy, they totally should go for it. Also, it's great that your family was supportive!

    – Maya at http://www.TheKelleyDoll.com


  2. Hey, thanks for your comment! Sorry for the late reply, I'm awful haha! So greatful that my family is supportive with these things! Xx


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