Kylie Cosmetics; Limited Edition Birthday Products.

Kylie Cosmetics Leo Review

As some of you may or may not know, I’m pretty obsessed with Kylie Cosmetics. They’re a lot of money, but I’m willing to pay the price for products that are actually good. So when she announced her Birthday range, I nearly died. I swore I wasn’t going to buy any products as I was saving for my holiday, but I then found out they had real gold in them and I was sold.

I got my hands on the Leo Lip Kit and the Rose Gold Creme shadow. I knew her lip kits were amazing but I was really looking forward to trying some other cosmetics from her line. I really wanted the Kyliner but that was too much of a push on my budget, so I regretfully left that.

The lip kit is a bit of a thicker consistency from the very first collection of lip kits, so makes it feel a little stickier when applying but everything else is the same, even the smell. In photos it looks like a rich deep red but in reality it has quite a purple hue to it, however it’s still gorgeous and I know i’ll be living in it this autumn.

Kylie Cosmetics Leo Review

The eyeshadow is the most beautiful product I have ever laid eyes on. It’s also very photogenic. My swatch really doesn’t do it justice, but that could be down to my ridiculously freckly hands. When applied it really is rose gold, and the light really does pick up the speckles of gold. It’s so creamy and really easy to apply, I’ve only recently started using cream eyeshadows and this one is already setting the standard pretty high for me.

Kylie Cosmetics Rose Gold Creme


Kylie Cosmetics Rose Gold Creme
I am so glad I got my hands on some products from this collection, especially as it was bought out specifically for her birthday. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if she bought them out again as they’re quite popular items.
Has anyone tried any other products from her cosmetic line? If you have let me know what you make of them!
Lots of love,
Chlo xo


4 Comments Add yours

  1. That eyeshadow is to die for 😍😍


  2. The photos really don't do it justice, it's so beaut x


  3. The eyeshadow looks stunning! im dying to try some of her stuff! XX


  4. I can't believe I didn't see this πŸ™ˆ All her products are genuinley good! Worth the money Xx


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