10 things I miss about Primary School

Primary School Memories

It’s been 10 years since I’ve left primary school, and at the time I was so happy to finally be leaving little school and going to big school. I remember throwing my books and uniform away and thinking I was an adult. (little did I know back then, lol).

I would love to go back to primary school again, looking back it was pretty damn easy wasn’t it? At the time it wasn’t… I remember hiding myself in my cupboard because I didn’t want to do my maths homework, mum went into full on panic mode, the only reason she found me was because she heard me crying. hahaha.

1. School Discos.

I loved a school disco, I remember putting on my best jeans ( they had spray painted wolfs on the thigh) and sparkly glitter top and feeling 10/10. We didn’t have the likes of One Direction back then, I think our favourite tune was chamillionaire ‘ridin dirty’. I remember our teaching going mad at us for listening to it because quite clearly it was very inappropriate for 11 year olds to be listening too. oops. We listened to it anyway, because we were obviously bad ass.

2. Kensuke’s Kingdom.

Anybody else remember that book? Or was it just my school? We had finished our sats and we were buzzing. We thought we’d just get to play games until we left school, well that was a very wrong assumption. We had to read this book, at first we were pissed. Who makes kids read a book after they just sat exams? I have to admit though, we all warmed too it and actually enjoyed it. I of course, being the bookworm I was, read it out of school, so I was ahead of everyone else. I secretly enjoyed gloating I knew the ending to all my friends.

3. P.E Parachute. 

We all know what this was. When you walked into that school hall and seen that big red parachute it went off. There was no taming us. I’m not sure what games everyone else played, but my personal favourite was where the teacher shouted, for example: “Brown hair” and if you had brown hair (like me) you had to run under the parachute and swap with another person who had brown hair. If you were the last one, that was it, you were out.

4. Maths Cubes.

I hated maths, I was awful at it, my teachers didn’t think I’d even get a level 3 in my sats ( I did of course). That’s how bad I was. But them little maths cubes that you could build towers with were my ultimate fav. I used to like putting them on my fingers, god knows why, but that’s what a weird little child I was.

5.  The ‘S’

I remember trying so hard to draw these and I just couldn’t get the hang of it, my uncle was amazing at them and I made him teach me. The day I finally perfected it, I was so happy. I drew this one earlier, not bad for a first attempt, but could be better.

Primary School Memories

6. Skoobies.

This was my thing. I was obsessed with these things. I made my mum spend so much money on me with these things. I taught myself everything I knew. I could do circle ones, I could do a twist, this was literally all I did at break time for quite a long while. I’d love to get my hands on these again.

7. Pokemon Cards.

Obviously, Pokemon go is now around and is such a massive phenomenon. Nothing will ever beat the Pokemon cards for me. I went to a tiny village school so not many people really traded cards or bought them into school, but they were around and I enjoyed every second of it. I’d love to know what ever happened to my collection… mum???

8. Beanie Babies.

Who else had a stupidly excessive collection on beanie babies? I know I did! I was always a teddy collector, in fact, I still have about 4 black bags of my childhood teddies in the loft. That didn’t even make a dent in my collection trust me. Not all of them were beanies, but I had a fair few. I loved taking them into school and showing my friends which new Beanie I got at the weekend.

9. Show’n’Tell.

I loved this day, bringing in your new favourite toy and showing it off to all your friends, hoping to make them all jealous. What more could a kid want? Apart from wanting all your friends toys that they bought in…
I often wanted to bring in my rabbit, but obviously mum would never let that happen, so I usually settled for a teddy.

10.  Pen License. 

That was the day I became a woman, or so I thought. I was always good at writing/english then maths, so I was one of the first to get my pen license and it felt great. Ditching that pencil and getting hold of that, ever so special, Berol Handwriting pen. My cousin came to me recently and told me that she got her pen License and she was overjoyed, it gave me a lot of nostalgia.

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane as much as I did.
If you remember any of these things, or have any other memories about primary school, I’d love to hear them so let me know.
Chlobo x

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