Easter Break.


Every year for the past 4 years me and the family have been to Cornwall for our Easter break. It’s always the same 9 people that go and it’s my favourite time of the year. I love going on summer holidays or other little breaks throughout the year but being able to spend everyday for a week with all my favourite people is just the nicest feeling. It’s so chilled and Hayle and the surrounding areas are so beautiful.

Cornwall holds such a special place in my heart as the first time I visited 4 years ago I was really suffering with Anxiety and Depression and getting away from my hometown really helped clear my head and get me back onto the right track. Each year it’s nice going back to the same place and reflecting on how far I’ve come with my mental health. Now 4 years later there is no depression in sight (and hasn’t been for a long while) and my anxiety is wrapped so tightly around my little finger that I have more good days than not. Of course there are still days where it’s not great and I can’t even bring myself to get out of bed but it doesn’t keep me there. My brain now goes into fight mode whereas a few years ago it’d go straight to flight. So I’ll always love Cornwall for that very reason, getting away and making me feel good again.

We were so lucky with the weather, I have somehow came back with a sunburnt face once again. You think I would’ve learnt by now how the sea breeze can be so deceptive. If anyone ever wants a little English break away, anywhere in Cornwall would be the perfect place. We’ve always said if you can guarantee the good weather we wouldn’t bother with a European sunny holiday again.
Below are some of my favourite unedited snaps from my break away.
Make sure to check my insta for more holiday pics.


Godrevy Cornwall


Sea Cliffs
Saint Ives


Hayle to St Ives




St Ives Backstreets


St Ives backstreet


St Michael Mount


Beach Sunrise


Sunset Cliffs




Cliff Sunset


Lots of love
Chlobo xo

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