KKWxKYLIE – Review.


I told myself a couple of months back that I’d stop spending so much money on makeup, because I really don’t need much more than I already have. However, a month after I’d made this promise ( and stuck with it may I add) Kylie decided to announce a new collaboration. I’ll be honest when I say I had gone of her products a little, the hype had died down and there wasn’t much more she could bring out that would make me jump at the opportunity to buy it. That was until she announced a collaboration with Kim. Not only my favourite Kardashian but also bringing out a range of lipsticks in my favourite colour… nude. So here we are, a month later with 4 brand new nude lipsticks making themselves at home in my lipstick collection.

Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging. When it comes to buying a product I personally feel that the packaging & presentation is SO important. It’s what draws my attention to the product. The packaging for this collaboration is definitely what sold me. I love the pastel matte pink colours and the frosted tube with the product in. The whole collection is so aesthetically pleasing and if you know me then you know I’m a sucker for anything pretty. What I didn’t realise upon purchasing however, was that the packaging also has this soft velvet touch to it. Which thinking about it makes total sense as these aren’t matte liquid lipsticks, these are apart of Kylie’s new Velvet Creme Liquid Lipsticks.

Outer packaging of the KKWXKYLIE collection.


Postcard from Kim included in the set. 
Now we’re approaching summer I’m starting to stray away from matte lips. I love glosses and more hydrated products on my lips when the warmer weather approaches us. The consistency of these products are very much like the matte liquid lipsticks before they dry on your lips. It’s the perfect in between of a gloss and a lipstick. Super light and airy forumla that makes my lips feel nice and hydrated.  I did find that they were slightly on the thinner side so I applied the Koko K lipliner beneath each of these products.
Side Note: If you’ve previously used any of the other Kylie Lipkits you’ll be aware that they normally have a sweet candy smell/taste to them. These are completely fragrance and taste free.
With Flash from Top to Bottom; Kimberly, Kim, Kiki and Kimmie.
Without Flash from Left to Right; Kimberly, Kim, Kiki and Kimmie.
Kimberly is a muted light brown, I don’t tend to reach for these as much as the pinky nudes, but still a gorgeous colour nevertheless.
Kim has peach undertones which I am loving at the moment. Perfect for the spring time.
Kiki is very pink, a mixture of Koko K and Posie K from Kylie’s original line. Super girly and pretty.
Kimmie has reddish/orange undertones to it which again, I normally wouldn’t reach for but this colour is so pretty and actually one of my favourites. Perfect for the summer!
The whole set came to $45 with shipping to the UK costing a further $14.95. I then incurred a customs charge upon collecting which was another £17 on top of that. A lot of money for four lipsticks, which is why I stopped purchasing from Kylie a while back. However, I couldn’t miss out on this collab and I’m glad I didn’t because I wasn’t disappointed.
Overall, I am SO impressed with this quad and it was well worth the money. I really didn’t need anymore nudes in my collection but I’m glad these are part of the family now.
If you love nudes and really creamy lipsticks I’d highly recommend getting your hands on these if you have the chance too.
Lots of love,
Chlobo xo








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