Friendsfest – Blenheim Palace.

At the beginning of the year I read an article claiming that Friendsfest was making a comeback to the UK this summer and me being the friends fanatic I am, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go check out the actual set and memorabilia from one of my favourite shows.

We chose to go to Blenheim Palace in Oxford as it was the closest to us, despite the sat nav taking us down all these long country roads we got there in good time. I didn’t expect the palace grounds to be as big as they were, it looks an incredible place. I’m definitely planning on going back there on another occasion to look around the actual grounds. Friendsfest was situated on the west of the grounds in a slightly more secluded area, there was plenty of places to park and everything was clearly signposted. The whole set up was smaller than I expected it to be if i’m honest, but still had everything there that was necessary.

In the centre of the arena there was a huge tv screen playing reruns of the series with lots of deck chairs and tables around to sit and watch them on while having a drink from the chick and duck bar.
Around the grounds were lots of different marquees with all different activities/sets in. The first one we went to of course was, Central Perk. There was a little que for the photo ops which were; The central perk outside window, the orange sofa and the stage with the guitar where phoebe would play.


Central perk




Smelly cat


central perk
We then stopped by Monica’s Moondance Diner to get a spot of lunch, this was also next to ”My Sandwich” where you could try Ross’ thanksgiving sandwich. There was also Mockolate, a stand where you could try some Monica inspired sweet treats.


By the time we’d finished our lunch it was time for our set tour, which was the main highlight of the day. The set tour was 30 minutes long this included a room with original memorabilia and outfits from the show. You then got 10 minutes in Joey & Chandlers apartment, again with all the props you’d expect to see and more. You also got 10 minutes in Monica & Rachel’s apartment which was everything I wanted it to be and more. It’s a very surreal experience seeing something you’ve watched for so long on tv, in real life. Who knew you could be so starstruck by a purple door?
(The actual guitar Lisa Kudrow played)



(The sign they used on set, exclusive too the Manchester and Oxford fests).








After coming out of the set tour we queued up to get our photos taking in the opening sequence of friends which was pretty cool. There was only the two of us but I’d love to go back with more friends to recreate the exact poses they did ect.
If you’re a fan of the show I highly recommend going to this event if it comes back around again, which i’m sure it will.
Lots of love,

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